Airport handling move parcels stolen gold bars
By air mail 10 pieces dog Zodiac new year gold bars worth more than 490,000 yuan was missing. Airport three porters were identified by the police as a theft suspect. Reporter learned yesterday, three were arrested for theft has been to the Chaoyang Court.
according to the police, stolen gold bars are pure gold products, has a very high value for collection. Jilin Changchun company ordered 10 from Beijing by air transport. On November 14 last year, when the shipped gold bars arrived in Changchun, and parcels containing gold bullion stolen blank.
after the police moved in, after a fingerprint comparison, police identified the airport Storage Center shipping section Porter DaWei Xu and Li have strongly suspected. Police confirmed that Li was suspected of committing, shortly after you extract the fingerprint, Li offered to resign. Subsequently, DaWei Xu and Li Li were summoned by the police. They account for another Porter Zhang Wenbo was involved in the theft.

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