Love helping migrants moving
None presented at a meeting of the Communist Party County Committee Office, kaixian County people's Government concerning the Organization of the Office to carry out "helping migrants move" after notification of donations, with the soft music, contributions began.
another county party Secretary Jiang Chen yuanhui, Director of the county people's Congress He Zongqin, County Committee of Quan Xiuzhi, Deputy Secretary of the County party Committee Luo Nengping and other County leaders, have stepped down from the podium and came to the collection box donations.
subsequently, in front of the audience is divided into several donation boxes, all participants have contributed.
at the Conference site, reporters interview some of the participants, they said: "migration is a big thing, immigrants to the three gorges project has made the sacrifice and commitment, we should serve well for immigrants, in order to assist immigrants, should the us love! "Zhen Xiang DAO, many immigrants said that after the meeting, units, carefully organized collection, enable the broad masses of party members and cadres out of a force one love, help immigrants move. "Many hands make light work" and believe the county migration tasks can be completed successfully.
will Hou, reporter interview has I County part difficult immigration, heard County County Government in carried out "help difficult immigration moved" contributions activities, they deep table grateful, and said will continues to develop "homes Mus musculus, for national" of three gorges immigration spirit and "self-improvement, dare is first" of, none Humanities spirit, active overcome all difficult, well immigration relocation, for I County successfully completed immigration task made active contribution.
it is reported that the County will continue at all levels of the Department to carry out "helping migrants move" donation.

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