Moved 12-hour life
Driver introduction, this is a move away from the more than 100 kilometers, a branch organization of 53 large transport trucks and cranes, the original idea was intended to move in a day and destinations in heshui County territory.
car on the Dong Zhi Yuan as soon as possible on his way. Oddly enough, although it's almost surprised stung, but the cold weather in the North, even if the car sits in a sealed well and still felt a little cold. We asked the driver to have breakfast there, and he said: eat a little. But he added that the estimate last night dozens of cars of drivers already living in xiaojin, today got up early in the morning, probably a lot of people had time to eat breakfast.
8:25, we xiaojinzhen behind on a road close to the villagers found the first long convoys, random number, a whopping 30 cars. We soon found the drivers of those cars, inquire about, and indeed many of them are Lu, a small corner shop to buy instant noodles, as breakfast. We exchanged a few words with the driver, learned that fellow in front is in the way, previously in more than more than 20 cars can't get out, they'll have to press here.
8 50 or so around the bumpy dirt road in the country, our car finally came up to the second captain long convoys. This is a narrow dirt road, in fact, villagers in front of the sidewalk. Endless moved the team's arrival at a glance, making the path is packed full, behold to watch the villagers had to squeeze around the Highlands next up.
feel free to ask a few words, knows is the brother unit responsible for outsourcing hasn't arrived, villagers looking for people in the Township, two cranes transport office block in the corner of the village, not allowed in. Crane could not get, first arrived at the site several trucks strong up move has not yet begun. Along the direction of the drilling team captain Wang fingers, we saw and the trend is only 200 metres away from the well site. Next to people and told us that this place called Nan.
we left the car, walking from Ridge to the well site. See us waiting nearly 3 hours of pilots immediately rushes to talk, hear, though we are party, but teams can't move more, was also worried.
(second deputy leader Liu Yubin, driver Liu Shiquan, Liu Jimin sound)
drilling team on our Transport Department driver's performance is satisfactory, although unable to start moving as scheduled, but other units to transport the impression of generally good.
(30532 drilling HSE supervisor Jiao Liangjie and another drill sound)
the Sun gradually higher, Nan came into a listless continues to keep in front of the cable car. Who has ever dreamed of is, the problem turned out to have a bit of transfer--
9:50, driving "Mercedes" trucks Liu Jimin, appeared in front of the villagers, Liu's home in this area, with the car, a village near dip "relatives", he persuaded the villagers to let a crane in operation.
(Liu Jimin's dialogue with the villagers sound)
10:10, Liu's "United Front" policy played a role at a party after the nod, here is close to 5 hours the first crane finally struggling through the narrow corner Strip, to the well site.
but other cars, is still blocked.
2 hours have passed, is responsible for all aspects of the solution of this dispute are still missing. Fang Wanzhong, Deputy Manager of a branch of transport told us ahead of the cranes help a few wild camp on the back of the truck, but could not pass, had to wait on the well site. Deputy Manager looking for a farm house, 12 drivers even had time to eat breakfast to get something to eat.
afternoon, the wind. And getting bigger. Wind side of tree tops, emit a high-pitched scream. Gradually there is a thick layer of dust in the sky, wind and weather become not small in scale raising sand weather. We all complain, but, since the beginning of the first small dust storm and ran.
time a second leak lost in the dust bowl, long convoys have been blocked until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Meanwhile, we went to the site several times, in helpless wait for the driver are squeezed in the cab, on the one hand to avoid sand, on the one hand would think of ways.
5:20, long wait there was a commotion. The local police station and other people came. Then in the village home that is not a big room to open up. Half an hour later, Fang Wanzhong, Deputy Manager of the transport branch came to the roadside, Preheat told the driver can start the car, and he estimates that it quickly settled.

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