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Long short distance transport

1, and all piecemeal goods, we recommends customer with carton classification finishing packaging;
2, and understand himself/company prepared checked of detailed goods, prepared enough of carton and packaging tape;
3, and book/information, fear pressure of heavy goods, with small carton packaging and control in 20 kg around;
4, and clothes and other items should classification code whole carton, avoid goods too much or too little situation;
5, and reduced small goods, will its concentrated Hou packaging to big carton within;
6, and bank card, and various securities, and your heavy metal, and company important information,, please itself custody, so as not to lost;
7, and all goods must dressing strong, weight uniform open;
8, and ahead of will checked of large items of name, and size, and number phone told I company, to arrangements demolition and select for of packaging way;
9, and out packaging wrote Shang, arrival city, and consignee name, and consignee contact phone.
10, fearful, fragile items please separate the pieces.

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