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Office relocation

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exploration quotes → → → the customer is responsible for signing the contract moving staff to carry out specific communication → wraps the customer equipment one day in advance to protect the facilities at the customer (elevators, floor, wall, etc) → field operations. Professional site supervisor
supervision of command of the relocation process, operations include: the former goods packaging, transport, new packaging, packaging material removal dissection procedure; → Customer acceptance; → Costs settlement
service features: by full-time salesman according to relocation items and site, design detailed relocation programme; provides from items boxing, and packaging, and transport to in place of a station type service carefully care floor, and wall and elevator, for professional protection; on items for professional packaging, ensure transport security; through using label, and bit shows figure, and items listing, both guarantee items not lost, and do will each bit employees of items placed in place; new site more name steering personnel site steering, guarantee relocation process order.

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