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This packaging Department of service concept is: provides for you of family moved service
this packaging Department different of at, stressed high quality service for mission and reference Japan moved Center advanced experience, people, for customer sake, protection guest privacy, put complex of cumbersome of moved service into simple easy of things, packaging Department service employees are is no ex of people, moved employees are has guarantor.
according to customer of requirements, we packaging personnel door valuation, and planning and signed agreement, provides of service has:
1: provides plastic turnover box and carton;
2: on need disassembly of furniture for disassembly, and packaging;
3: electrical type items packaging and installation service;
4: on all easy broken products first packaging Hou boxing; as need on ground, and wall, and frames for protection;
5: for customer books, and newspaper, and small items for boxing, and Move into the unpacked in the customer-specified location;
6: we recommend that you insure valuables of customers.

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